We provide a unique Onshore delivery model specialized in project delivery, emerging technologies, 24/7 maintenance, testing and more. Our model provides resources to our customers that can solve their specific project and technology needs based in Application Development, Big Data, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing. We leverage a pipeline of young talent who can be transformed, not trained, into high-quality teams of IT professionals to support our customers.


We have expertise with MS SQL, Teradata, Oracle, MySQL and all of the traditional databases out there. Additionally, we can help connect your source data to your warehouse with your tool of choice. We have expert knowledge of Informatica, DataStage, SSIS and many of the up-and-comers too. Let us help you maintain your existing solution or help you transition to something that gives you easier access to your valuable data.


TEKletics can help you build your new vision from scratch with any tool on the market. Looking to build out a new CRM solution with Salesforce or MS Dynamics? We can help you stand up and maintain your cloud applications.


What is Big Data? It seems like such a complex answer. The reality is that Big Data is really just data. It’s an ecosystem of tools which were originally built to do analytics on massive datasets that couldn’t be tamed by existing technology. As the user-base expanded and the tools improved, use cases were proofed out to show that Big Data technology can really be used to tackle any problem big our small. Let us help you tackle yours.


COBOL was developed 60 years ago; it powers 80% of in-person transactions. There are over 220 billion lines of COBOL running in production today that handle over $3 trillion in commerce. The reality is that youth just isn’t learning languages like COBOL and RPG anymore. We leverage senior leadership with expertise in these languages to make your legacy software initiatives successful.