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Building the next generation of tech resources

Powering your business through partnership



Creating longterm, custom resources for  all organizations 

We develop resources so you don't have to! Create pipelines of talent tailored to your technology needs and culture. Our teams can flex and scale to fill your talent gaps while saving you time and money.

Industry-leading pricing 

Reduced costs, comparable to offshore rates. Increased longterm ROI over hiring new college graduates

Increased speed & scalability 

Vetted and proven resources tailored to your business with the ability to flex and fill your talent gaps of any size

Quality talent with low turnover rates

Producing high-quality talent, dedicated to your business with turnover rates averaging at 10% or less

Ready-to-hire resources

We build you a pipeline of resources for present and future use specialized to fit the needs of your business and available to hire at anytime through the process

About Us

Why we do what we do.

Joshua Smith, VP of Analytics & Business Transformation, Swift Transportation

“As Swift approached the end of life on our very expensive legacy data warehouse, we wanted to convert to a new scalable Hadoop environment which would save us millions in operating costs. However, the cost to convert existing code was a massive barrier. Tekletics approached us with a unique business model that allowed them to perform the conversion for hundreds of thousands less than the closest domestic or offshore competitor.

Not only were they much less, but the project is both on time and under budget. Tekletics has been a pleasure to work with and I would recommend them to any company interested in launching affordable Big Data solutions.”

Our Process

Changing the way organizations hire technical talent

Our program provides customized teams built specifically for you, faster, cheaper and with higher quality talent. Here's how:


Tekletics analyzes all aspects of your organization to produce a complete proposal of resources required as well as costs involved. Once approved, our partners at Arizona State University utilize an existing grant from the U.S. Department of Labor to pay and train your team.


A team of talent will be hired to train and work specifically for your business and on your IT ecosystem and technologies. This intense, two-week, 80-hour training camp – equal to two semesters – is paid for and developed by Arizona State University in partnership with Tekletics and The U.S. Department of Labor. They prepare your new team to come in educated and ready to go.


Senior IT leaders and mentors from Tekletics initiate the project while working alongside your management team to direct, oversee, and track the progress. The junior talent team members will be accountable for delivering value day one, on time and at significantly reduced costs.


Customer success stories

Hear from organizations who have transformed their business by partnering with us. Ready to get started?

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